Don’t Hit That Child

There is a meme which makes the  regular  rounds  showing a mother hitting a child.  Then it asks the question  if parents should be allowed to spank their child.

The answer is No.

Spanking is not  effective as a discipline tool.   In fact the opposite is true.     

Many studies show  the long term  negative effects of spanking.  But, because spanking has the short term effect  of controlling behavior these are ignored.

Hitting a child is not right.   

There are many good parenting tools.   All good ones are built on the premise  that  children are to be loved, respected, and nurtured.  

Often I have had  parents ask “what can I do to them when they don’t obey”.   The question should be what can I do for them.   

The answer:   Instill discipline.

Too often parents confuse discipline with punishment.    Nurturing discipline instills life long values in the child.  The child gains  a sense of who they are while teaching constraints.   It slowly teaches them how to handle life.  

Discipline, coupled with nurturing love, lets children know they are important to you.  

It also creates happy, successful children.   

Isn’t that what parents want for their children?


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