Children and Hot Rides

Many wonder how a parent could ever forget a child in the car.   As a social worker  and grandparent I provide a lot of transportion for children.  I have often worried that I might forget  and leave a child in the car.


People in my age bracket  say this never happened   years ago.   That may be, but years ago many children rode in the front  without a car seat.   It was not only harder to forget a child, but in the cases when it did happen the child could open the door or roll down a window.   That is not the case today.  


So why do we forgot?  Distraction is one reason.  


We often talk about multi-tasking as if it is a good thing.   It is not.  We need to train ourselves to focus on the task at hand.  When transporting a child the task at hand is taking care of them.  


It is easy to get distracted and forget.   In this day and age of cell phones it is even easier.   Getting a call as you pull into a parking space, with a quiet child in the car, increases the  possibility  of forgetting  a  child.  



Here are some easy things a care provider can do to help prevent this.


  1. Always keep something in the back seat  you have to take with you to do your daily routines.   This could be a good place for your cell phone.
  2. Put something on the passenger seat as a reminder that you have a backseat passenger.   A child’s toy is a good suggestion.  
  3. Get into the habit of always checking the back seat before locking your car.  Don’t just click the remote, look before you click.   


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