See You in Court  6 hours

Court can be intimidating for anyone, especially a new worker. In See You in Court,  participants will learn how to interact with the judicial system from the moment they receive the subpoena until court is dismissed.

At the end of the day, participants will know what do when they receive a subpoena, how to answer questions, and what, if any, client information can be protected. Participants will learn the roles of all the key players in the courtroom.

A few stories from the field  and some role playing make this a fun and useful experience.

Wet Couches and Your Best Pair of Pants  6 hours

Wet Couches and Your Best Pair of Pants is designed to help the new worker know what to do when they walk up to the front door for the first time.    Participants will be taught ways to establish a good relationship with their families, how to stay focused on the family’s goals, and how to be safe while doing so. Stories from the field liven up this serious subject.

I Am Color Blind  3 hours

I Am Color Blind teaches why this is not a good approach in the field.  In the work environment many think the best approach to racial and ethnic differences is to act like they don’t exist.   However, there are differences across cultures which can affect services. Not only do these need to be acknowledged,  the success of your relationships can depend on  how you approach these differences.

In this course, participants will learn to be aware of the uniqueness each person brings to the relationship and how to build on these to provide better service. You will learn how culture makes an impact on everyone and shapes attitudes and behaviors.

What Do You Mean I Have to Leave the Bar, ­­I Got Here First  3 hours

This ethics course covers everyday basics, but emphasizes  dual relationships. Every worker has the potential for dual relationships and needs to understand what this means for them and their clients. While dual relationships are not necessarily bad, there are pitfalls which need to be avoided.